March 23, 2023

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The French are deploying their ultra-modern fighter jets near the Ukrainian conflict

At the end of his talks in Romania, Sebastien Lecornu indicated in a joint press conference with his newly appointed Romanian negotiator, Romanian Defense Minister Angel Dilvar, that they want to deter Russia from the idea of ​​an attack or provocation. Team.

It was informed in the press conference During the day, the two ministers jointly inaugurated the headquarters of the Romanian NATO battle group in Nagising in Transylvania, which has been expanded in months, where French armored infantry fighting vehicles have recently arrived and Leclerc tanks have been installed. According to Lecornu, the Romanian contingent – initially consisting of 350 soldiers – will reach 1,000 in the near future, and France is ready to raise its military presence in Romania to brigade level depending on circumstances.

According to the French defense minister, “even if the conflict ends tomorrow”, Romania should also pay more attention to land-based air defense in the next 10-15 years. He noted: France has deployed a MAMBA air defense missile system and a 120-member air defense unit to Romania’s eastern border, but short-range air defense needs to be further strengthened.

Lecornu – who was accompanied by the head of several French military organizations during his visit to Romania – emphasized: today, naval warfare is not limited to possible landings, but the sea has become a complex water, submarine and air conflict area. According to him, for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to make the Black Sea safe, international cooperation and the cooperation of member states’ security agencies are necessary.

Referring to the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Romanian Defense Minister Angel Dilvar stressed the importance of Franco-Romanian military cooperation and welcomed the fact that strengthening the defense of the Black Sea was included as one of NATO’s strategic objectives at the summit in Madrid.

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French Defense Minister was received by Romanian President Klaus Ihanis and Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuga. According to a Romanian government announcement issued at the latter meeting, Lecornu declared:

France is also sending a squadron of Rafale fighter jets to Romania to participate in air patrols.

NATO’s battlegroup in Romania was initially organized around a French battalion belonging to the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) deployed to Romania, which was joined on a rotational basis by Belgian and Dutch troops. The battle group was formed in May by reclassifying multinational Allied forces sent to Romania as part of the reaction force.

Cover image: Tim Fells / Wikimedia Commons