July 7, 2022

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The former Ukrainian president will take Arban to Buxa to think about his Russian actions at the scene of the assassination.

“What’s the difference between the EU and Russia? One difference is that the Union is a union of member states based on values, and Russia’s dependent on money, based on political corruption. Orban did not approve of a ban on Russian oil imports into the EU.He was the politician who will lead Ukraine from 2014 to 2019 in the Rotterdam Congress of the European People’s Party. Euronews told reporters:

“If financial well-being is more important than our values, I can only recommend one treatment for it. I would like to invite those who are against Ukraine: Come with me, the fifth President of Ukraine, I will be their personal leader. Come with me to Bucsa, Iprin, Chernivtsi. Visit the places where thousands of Ukrainians were killed! Civilians, women and children were raped and killed. Talk to people there and think about their future and money! This is not a question of money. “

When asked how Europe would handle Russia in the future, he responded

“Russia must be defeated! Russia’s presidency with Putin is a threat to the European continent, even if it can stop the war. We are talking about democratic means here, we are talking about sanctions. We are talking about sanctions. Opportunity will open up. ”

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