June 1, 2023

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The European Union came under heavy attack from an unexpected place

Erdogan called the West’s policy towards Russia provocative and the weapons sent to Ukraine were useless junk.

“I say frankly that the position of the West regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine is wrong. Because the actions of the West are based on the instigation of the parties. They provide military support. However, in fact, all the weapons – which are sent to Ukraine – are scrap metal,” the Turkish president said.

Recep Tayyip ErdoganSource: AFP/2021 Anadolu Agency/Emin Sansar

He said that Turkey pursues a balanced policy towards Ukraine and Russia and supports an early ceasefire.

“Can we say that one side is winning now? No! There are no winners in this war, but many losers. Many are dying, and it is inappropriate to approach the conflict from a financial perspective,” Erdogan stressed.

He also mentioned European gas problems:

Russia cut off gas supplies and utility prices rose. Now, everywhere in European countries, they are looking for ways to get through the winter. Why didn’t you think of this earlier? After all, Russia has an important resource in its hands

said the Turkish president.

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