May 19, 2022

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The EU is targeting Putin’s heart

The EU will impose sanctions on former Olympic champion gymnast Vladimir Putin’s unofficial girlfriend Alina Kabayeva and Kremlin ally Patriot Grill. Writes Guardian article.

The EU proposal includes Kabayeva and Grill, and there are dozens of people in the EU who could be threatened with entry bans and property freezes. This would put them on the list of sanctions that already have more than a thousand influential Russian names. The new names have not yet been approved by the 27 EU member states.

According to Bloomberg, a Document Kabayeva is listed as “closely associated with President Vladimir Putin.” Kabayeva won a gold medal in rhythm gymnastics at the 2004 Olympics. For six years, he was a Member of Parliament for Putin’s United Russia party, and later became chairman of the Kremlin’s National Media Committee, despite his lack of leadership experience in the field. Formerly Wall Street Journal Wrote Kabayeva has at least three children from Putin (another) Proof Four) reside in Switzerland (as well).

In 2008, a Moscow newspaper reported that Putin had secretly divorced his wife Lyudmila and planned to marry a gymnast. The Kremlin denied the news and the newspaper was shut down. After 30 years of marriage, Putin announced their separation in 2013.

The United StatesThe European Union and Britain already have Allowed Putin had two two-year-old children, Marija Voronkova and Katerina Dyhonova, from his divorced wife.

Pesco’s family also appears

EU officials also targeted the family of Kremlin spokesman Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Pesco (formerly authorized). Pesco’s wife, former snow dancer Tatijana Navka In addition to his marriage, he will be on the list as he is the co-owner of several properties on the Crimean peninsula that merged with Russia in 2014. The European Union (EU) says Pisco’s 31-year-old son Nikolai uses his father’s money, and his 24-year-old daughter Elizabeth “holds lucrative positions and lives a luxurious life thanks to her father’s ties.”

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Alexei Marina Mortazova, one of Russia’s richest men, is expected to make the list. Mortasov His wife too, because he is said to have benefited from her husband’s property. One is already listed Selfishness He is a majority shareholder in Chevrolet, Russia’s largest steel company, and he “saved” TUI, Europe’s largest tour operator group, during the Govt epidemics.

Buxa and Mariupol butchers are on the list

The European Union (EU) has also targeted dozens of military personnel accused of killing and torturing civilians in Bucsa, near Kyiv. At the top of the list is Azadbek Omurbekov, commander of the 64th Army 64th Motor Rifle Brigade, which occupies the area, which is suspected of being directly responsible for the killings, rapes and torture.

The draft also includes the name of Colonel-General Mikhail Mishev, who was responsible for bombing civilian targets in Mariupol. Thousands died in the siege of the port city.

Let the grill escape

The European Commission will allow it to support Putin Grill The patriotic leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, whose birth name is Vladimir Kundayev, is mentioned in the proposal, which states that he was “one of the main supporters of the Russian military occupation of Ukraine” and played a key role in strengthening Putin’s policy. Rhetoric about Ukraine. In the wake of the patriarchal days in which the invasion of Ukraine began, the Patriots in a sermon called for the “liberation” of the Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine and called the war a “religious cleansing operation.” (However, Prime Minister Victor Orban did not support Grill’s permission, at least not He said In a radio interview on Friday morning, he said the EU would not be united in taking action against him.)

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The Patriots’ stance on war led to a confrontation with Pope Francis, who told Grill earlier this week that “Putin should not be.” Minister boyThe Guardian recalled.