June 2, 2023

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The epidemic is subsiding in many corona virus centers, but there is still no reason to rejoice in Hungary

According to NOS Dutch Public Service Television, hundreds of people took to the streets on Saturday in Leewarden, in the north of the Netherlands, mostly young people protesting against the restrictions imposed due to the exceptionally high number of corona virus infections.

In a town 140 kilometers north of Amsterdam, people expressed their dissatisfaction with the restrictions on the use of fireworks and smoke bombs.

தாக்குதல் பொலிசார் பின்னர் நகரின் பிரதான சதுக்கத்தில் இருந்து போராட்டக்காரர்களை வெளியேற்றினர். Although nearly 85 percent of Dutch adults have been fully vaccinated against the virus, the country’s ruling government on Thursday announced partial restrictions for three weeks to fight the epidemic. These rules went into effect on Saturday.

At a press conference on Thursday, CEO Mark Rutte justified the decision with intense pressure on health care, saying further interventions should be postponed as more people are being admitted to the hospital.

Under the new regulations, large shopping malls and restaurants will be closed at 8pm and shops and service providers selling non-essential items will be closed at 6pm. Sports competitions should be held without spectators, but theaters and theaters can still get spectators.

According to a Saturday morning summary at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, 2,323,479 of the 17 million people in the Netherlands have been infected since the outbreak began, and 19,171 have died from complications of the coronavirus-borne disease caused by the corona virus.


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