January 28, 2023

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The Daily Wire, which now has 890,000 paid subscribers, signs Jordan Peterson to his new DailyWire+

The Daily Wire, which now has 890,000 paid subscribers, signs Jordan Peterson to his new DailyWire+

During the past three months, daily wire It added tens of thousands of new paying subscribers – bringing the total number of subscribers to the conservative news and media empire founded by Ben Shapiro, Caleb Robinson and Jeremy Boring to 890,000. This puts the company, the subscriber base on which it stood Just shy of the 600,000 . mark Back in April, at a distance of $1 million, a number that may actually come true sooner rather than later as a result of a series of updates and announcements the company put out on Wednesday, June 29.

Just weeks after the release of the Daily Wire’s latest feature film – The Gina Carano– Led by Western Horror in the wildpart of a slate of Netflix-like original content that’s now a built-in feature for Daily Wire subscribers — the company announced the launch of something new: DailyWire+.

That’s the name of the platform, going live immediately, that will house the company’s growing library of video content. All of this is the product of an effort that is propelling the company, by degrees, a world a long way from the web-based news site it has long been famous for.

DailyWire’s video content now includes original feature films such as Horror in the meadow, as well as upcoming children’s movies and shows – as well as documentary titles for The Daily Wire. And there’s still more coming to DailyWire+. Along those lines, the company also announced Wednesday that psychologist and author Jordan Peterson has signed a multi-year agreement with DailyWire+, with the latter set to handle ad sales and associated distribution. Jordan B Peterson Podcast.

As part of the deal, the financial terms of which were not disclosed, DailyWire+ subscribers will get exclusive bonus content with every episode of the Peterson podcast, while subscriber-only specials with Peterson and other guests will soon appear. Peterson’s show will run twice a week, and his podcast and video library is now on DailyWire+.

While both announcements — the launch of the new user experience via DailyWire+, and the joining of Peterson, who has more than 2.8 million followers on Twitter — are special, both news stories also jointly confirm where Boreing is trying to grab in Nashville. Media company then.

Over the next nine months, Boreing told me, before a city council event in Nashville on June 29, “our entire infrastructure will be modernized to create a state-of-the-art SVOD platform for content that is rapidly expanding library. Our security will be strengthened, our subscription path will be strengthened, and our subscription path will be strengthened.” Our broadcast functionality, and most importantly, our user experience will be improved.”

For this reason, continue, a brand new one in the form of DailyWire+ is required.

“The news website that makes the West really is an extension of the brand, and no one wants that New York times To provide entertainment for the kids,” Boring said. “So, it’s time for something new. Brand new to house all this new content. Brand new is still The Daily Wire, but it’s also movies, documentaries, and animations. It’s still The Daily Wire, but it’s not just political news and demos – it’s sports, entertainment and philosophy. Still the DailyWire, plus a lot more.”

In addition to the other components of The Daily Wire’s business, which include the book’s publishing footprint, the core editing process remains central to the company’s identity. Boreing told me earlier this year, for example, that the company produces about 250 pieces of content per day, including dozens of written articles.

However, releasing feature-length films that are exclusive to subscribers may seem like a strange endeavor for a company like The Daily Wire – until you consider that other publishers and major news sites are similarly trying their own versions of the same kind of thing. In other words, using non-news offers to attract more subscribers than a simple news product can do on its own.

The New York Times is doing this with a product like Wordle, the viral word game that the news publisher said was responsible for bringing “tens of millions“From new users to Times in the first quarter. DailyWire, for its part, is doing so with movies, books, live events in Nashville and new services like DailyWire+ and presumably more to come.

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