June 2, 2023

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The commander of the German navy resigned due to reports of a crisis in Ukraine

During his visit to India on Friday, Schonbach said he considers Russian President Vladimir Putin to be “honorable”. He explained that Russia – both India and Germany – needed it primarily against the Chinese threat. As a Catholic, he said it was important that Russia was a Christian country, “even if Putin is an atheist, it does not matter.” “This great country, even if it is not democratic, if it is our partner, (…) it will exclude Russia from China.”

Given the crisis in Ukraine, Schonbach believed that Ukraine would never withdraw Crimea, and called Russia’s nonsense ‘its desire to usurp Ukrainian territory.

The German Defense Ministry distanced itself from Schnbock’s statements, saying that the naval commander had been fired “at his own request.”

He spoke “irresponsibly” and wrote “obvious mistakes” on Twitter.

Due to this incident, the German ambassador was summoned to Kiev. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has said that Germany’s statements today do not match the level of relations between the two countries.


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