June 2, 2023

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The code – abroad – was sent to kill the Chechen assassins neutral Zelenysky

“We were aware of the move by Kadyrov to send a special unit to Ukraine,” Danilov told TV24 on Ukrainian television. Now, we have neutralized the faction sent to dissolve President Volodymyr Zelensky.

All of this, in fact, was torn down in two by Ukrainian forces, first by Chechen elite commando, then by a group of firefighters who destroyed the hostel in northwestern Kiev, capturing members of another.

Danilov added:

We will not give our president to anyone, we will not give our country! This is our country, get out of here!

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Russians have had no secret intention to assassinate the Ukrainian leader, and President Zhelensky and his family have been known to be in an unknown location.

Over the weekend, a group known as the Wagner group – about 400 mercenaries – traveled from Africa to Ukraine to assassinate key figures in Zelensky and the Ukrainian government, as well as key figures, including Kiev Mayor and junior Vitaly Klitschko. Brother, in exchange for a pepper. Volodymyr, two heavyweight world champion boxers.

By the way, the Ukrainians did not start business today: Defense Minister Alexei Resnikov promised a full general amnesty for the cash, five million rubles – $ 47,000 at the current hourly rate – and the surrender of Russian soldiers who laid down their arms.

But, he has no mercy in words for those who constantly struggle. There is no information on the source of the Russians paying five million rubles each if the Russians lay down their weapons in bulk.

Rising losses are a serious problem for Putin. In 2014, when the Russians annexed Crimea, a total of 400 soldiers were killed, and when journalists tried to cover up the funeral, police disrupted the ceremony.

Defense Minister Resnikov posted on Twitter how many casualties the Russian military had suffered by Tuesday, March 1, according to Ukrainians. Here are the ones:

(Cover image: Troops inspecting troops and their equipment, sent by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov on February 25, 2022. Photo: Elena Afonina / Toss / Getty Images)