September 26, 2023

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The British government still authorizes the sale of the club to Abramovich

On Thursday, the UK government imposed severe sanctions on Chelsea billionaire Russian owner Roman Abramovich, including the club. One of the key points was to suspend the process of selling Chelsea, but the decision was reversed on Friday.

Abramovich can still sell club (Photo: Getty Images)

On Thursday, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was fined by England for freezing all assets. The reason is, of course, the Russo-Ukrainian war. The decision ruled that the London Football Club could continue to operate under a special license, but the previously announced sale process was suspended.

Then, more and more restrictions came to light: due to restrictions, Chelsea could not certify players, could not renew contracts with expiring footballers, could not sell tickets for domestic matches, and could not sell revenue as needed.

Following this, press reports came in that Abramovich could sell the club if he could prove that he could not make any financial profit through the club. The Russian owner had previously stated in an official statement that he would pay the full amount to the Ukrainian victims.

Friday’s events confirm that the British government has decided that Abramovich will receive the “green light” and that the club can be sold subject to certain conditions. The Russian owner can accept Chelsea’s offer until next weekend.

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