March 29, 2023

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The body of a 51-year-old woman in New York was found in a bloody sports bag

Orsolya’s body was found by a dog walking a short distance from where she lived.

Just after eight in the morning in the Forest Hills (Queens) district of New York City, a dog walker found a toy bag on one of the popular sidewalks. Writes A NYPost. According to police sources, the paper states that the husband and son of the accused may have been convicted. He is 51 years old Orsolia Colt Blood also dripped from the bag containing it, and the traces led to the woman’s former residence.

The newspaper reports that police appeared at Cal’s home shortly afterwards and that the youngest son was handcuffed shortly after the body was found. The boy was released on Saturday. The cause of death will be determined by a medical professional.

NYPost Reached Call’s Husband by Phone, Howard Klein, He recently tweeted about leaving his eldest son and posted from Portland at 2:30 pm on Friday. The man said he was at the airport to go to New York.

The whole area is said to have cameras, so it will be easier to keep track of who put the body in the park and when.

The person who found the body told the paper that his dogs pointed out that there might be something in the bag. When he opened it, he first thought there was a mannequin in the bag that had no “flesh”.

Our special picture shows the woman’s house.

It has many tabs including index WritesThe woman is Hungarian.

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