September 30, 2022

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“The bill has arrived!” – wrote an Italian bar

Like most companies in Europe, Italy has serious problems managing energy prices, which have increased manifold. From large factories to small hotels, owners are considering whether to close.

In the window of a restaurant with a terrace “The bill has arrived!” The operator posted a sign indicating why the food and drinks were getting more expensive.

Bar owner Laura Ramoni also displayed a doll hanging next to the sign.

After a certain level of price hikes, it is not a question of price hikes but implementation, he said, referring to energy prices.

– he said.

Many companies have now reached a point where they can no longer hide their hardships, said Nathalie Dosi, director of Italy’s Institute of International Affairs. Survival depends on how companies find solutions to the energy crisis. At the same time, there will be places that cannot be avoided – reads Web homepage.

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