June 6, 2023

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The Baltic states have supplied arms to Ukraine

We truly believe that Ukraine should not use these weapons, and we call on the Russian Federation to avoid aggression and irresponsible behavior.

– The defense ministries of the Baltic states said in a statement on Friday. Accordingly, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have decided to supply Ukraine with Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and Javelin anti-tank missiles. Looking at the report, MTI writes that Estonia will supply javelin anti-tank missiles and Latvia and Lithuania will provide anti-aircraft missiles and related equipment to strengthen Ukraine’s military and defense capabilities.

Military assistance, as they write, became possible after the US government authorized the transfer of US-made weapons to third parties.

In an article describing the announcement, Pravda of Ukraine wrote that due to the threat of Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Czech Republic plans to supply 152 mm artillery shells to Ukraine’s heavy artillery. He was interviewed on Thursday about this Jana Chernogova Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic.

Britain sent 2,000 anti-tank rifles and about 30 elite troops to Ukraine this week to train members of the Ukrainian armed forces. Justin Trudeau The Canadian Prime Minister announced on Friday that his government would provide a loan of about 120 million Canadian dollars (about 30.4 billion Forindes) to Kiev to counter Russian instability efforts threatening the Ukrainian economy.

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