June 10, 2023

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The Austrian Foreign Minister explained to the Egyptians the real reason for the grain shortage

At his press conference with Egyptian Foreign Minister Chame Choukry, Schallenberg believed it In Egypt and North Africa, the Russian story dominated. EU punitive measures ordered against Moscow are responsible for the difficult food situation.

As he said, this false information needs to be corrected.

Because Russian missiles destroy Ukrainian granaries

– underlined the head of Austrian diplomacy. He said it

Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin are responsible for the non-export of grain from Ukrainian ports.

The ripples of war will reach everyone, including Egypt, and the consequences of Putin’s policy will be rising energy prices, problems with supply chains and food supplies. In addition, Schallenberg sees the EU’s support for Egypt, which he praises as an important partner and “an anchor for the stability of the region.”

Choukry did not comment on Schallenberg’s remarks, saying only that Cairo was trying to deal with the food crisis in other ways. Egypt imports 90 percent of its grain, mostly from Ukraine. The price of a ton of grain doubled as a result of shortages caused by Russian action in Ukraine.

Schallenberg also spoke about migration issues. As he said, Egypt is also an important partner in this matter. According to the United Nations, there are currently about nine million migrants and refugees in the country. Choukry stressed that Cairo was doing everything to keep the migration crisis away from its European allies. In this context, he noted that the Egyptian Coast Guard is trying to prevent boats from making sea trips to Europe. At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that more and more people were trying to cross. The head of the Egyptian ministry added that these are mostly young men or boys who are sent to Europe by their families in the hope of a better life.

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Schallenberg was accompanied by Interior Minister Herhard Karner on his trip to Cairo. On Sunday, Garner discussed issues related to illegal immigration with his Egyptian counterpart and the country’s coordinator against illegal immigration and human trafficking.

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