December 9, 2022

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Tensions continue to rise in the Pacific, with the leader of the island nation unraveling with China already talking about an invasion.

None of this is true

He pointed out Scott Morrison Responding to a question from the media on Thursday, the Australian Prime Minister stressed the need to work creatively and patiently on the issue.

Peter Dutton And the Australian defense minister said he did not think the Solomon Islands leader’s words were against Australia.

I understand the pressure on them at this point, but the Solomon Islands can see Australia as a friend

The minister said they were not asking Australian forces to leave the island.

The mind is sad Australian soldiers and police are currently stationed in the Solomon Islands at his request.

Sadly on Tuesday he delivered an emotional speech about it in the Solomon Islands Parliament

He said his country was threatened by the invasion, but he did not provide specific evidence and did not specify which country he considered a threat.

He spoke of a possible invasion in response to criticism from local opposition parties Recently signed a security agreement with China.

The Solomon Islands and China signed a security agreement in mid-April, allowing China to send police and military troops to the Solomon Islands to help local government maintain social order and eliminate domestic threats.

In addition, Chinese warships may be stationed in the island nation to pick up supplies. The conference was criticized by many for fear of leading to militarization of the region. Among other countries, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia and the United States have expressed concern about the deal.

The security deal has become a major topic in the Australian election campaign: Opposition criticizes Morrison for turning diploma into a major diplomatic failure for Australia.

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Although details of the deal have not been released, Sadly, China has previously ruled out the possibility of setting up a military base in the Solomon IslandsAnd stressed that the agreement with the traditional partner Australia was “not enough” in this area, and that the agreement focused more on policing to protect Chinese projects.

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Cover: Australian peacekeepers in the Solomon Islands in December 2021. Australian Department of Defense via CBL Brandon Gray / Getty Images