September 29, 2023

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Telltale signs! Is heartthrob Big O driving for a beauty queen?

In recent years, David Toth must have been playing cards because he was unlucky in love. He was engaged a few years ago, but they broke up before the big day. After that, he was single for a long time and that’s why he accepted the invitation from TV2. He is the best. But even there he did not find the right one and after two months he broke up with his chosen one. But he wasn’t alone for long, he found a mate again, but that didn’t last long either.

Does being older make you a beauty queen? Photo: Riposte

Is heartthrob Big O driving for a beauty queen?

David Toth longed for a serious relationship and true love, but he couldn’t find it on the TV2 show either. Although he eventually chose Laura, their romance was short-lived. The world champion kayaker said whatever feelings he has for the brunette beauty, it’s not love. If there was anyone else, the whole country literally cheered for him to win.

Of course, David did not date for a long time, soon he got a new partner, but he soon broke up, then fell in love again, but he is currently single.

As the Olympian said: He is fine alone, but his eyes and heart are open. We don’t know what his heart is like, but the sportsman’s eyes caught his eye very noticeable next to beauty queen Daniela Kiss.

It’s hard not to notice that the beautiful model’s photos are being liked with passion lately.

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