Foreign aid not only strengthens the Ukrainian military, but also timely upgrades its own military technology. The artillery is said to retaliate more than the US military.

“You will be contacted shortly by our closest colleague.” What would be an honor for a taxi company is a deadly threat to Russian soldiers occupying Ukraine. Being in London is no exaggeration The Times Recently, the management of Uber’s rental cars was compared by the Ukrainians to an unprecedentedly short time, identifying the target and setting fire to enemy positions within minutes. GISZ (Geoinformation System) is an advanced stabilization software developed by Arta and Ukrainian programmers using British digital mapping software.

Its functionality is really reminiscent of how taxi clinics are connected to a nearby free driver. This system monitors the enemy’s position in real time, identifies targets and automatically detects which artillery, missile or drone is capable of striking and which of your own units is best suited to do so. In addition to GPS data, there are other tools available for search: spy drones, NATO radars, military target search systems, or enemy smartphones. However, the attack cannot be determined by the machine, and the commander orders the fire based on computer data. Thanks to digital technology and rapid communication, the time between target attack and attack is reduced from the usual 15 to 20 minutes to one minute.

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