It is difficult to say exactly where the wedding of Liz Nunes and Florian Uketo will take place. That’s what makes it special.

The history of the relationship on Thursday will not only be a milestone: May 19 The first wedding in the UAE was approved by Metawares. The College Times According to a Dubai newspaper, the event will take place on a platform called Decentralland with the participation of family and friends. (What is Metawares) Click here to read.)

Florian Uketo, a Frenchman, said that he and his Paraguayan bride had signed the wedding documents in 2019 without guests, but that they definitely wanted to hold the ceremony with their loved ones. Realizing that it would not be easy to invite all the guests from their homeland to Dubai anyway, they decided to implement it in the metawares, but the austerity measures introduced by the corona virus epidemic would still make the big prince.


The product went the right way: the pair bought a white bridal gown and a brown jacket embellished with gold fringes – as a virtual dress – for about $ 100 at the largest NFT market in the open sea.

They also own a virtual site that serves as a venue for weddings. Outside of the married couple, about twenty of their family members and close friends appear. He writes that each of them will enter the metawares from their own home College Times.

The ceremony, which has been tried many times, will take place in the same place as the traditional ones, after which the couple and the army will march to an unnamed place and sit on the metawares, at the wedding.

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