ESET has mapped out the countries where the situation is worse due to the Log4j vulnerability.

The map released by ESET, one of the world’s leading cyber security companies, shows which countries have the most. log4j The company said in a statement that the attack was an attempt to exploit the vulnerability.

The failure of the Log4j application, which was found almost everywhere in the world, came to light in a few days and immediately shook the entire cyber security industry. Log4j Open Source Java based registration software is used by many companies and government agencies worldwide. Since the code needed to exploit the vulnerability has been uploaded on the Internet, there have been plenty of hackers trying to bypass the computers. Meanwhile, cyber security professionals make every effort to protect themselves from attacks with security updates and other security measures.

A map published by ESET shows that the threat is spectacular in the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands, but is being exploited elsewhere:

“From the senses level, we face a significant problem that will not disappear in no time. Attackers, of course, try to exploit the vulnerability in a number of ways, but not all attempts are harmful because researchers, information security companies and infiltration testers test these vulnerabilities for security purposes,” ESET said. Said Roman Kovac, a senior researcher at.

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