People affected by the omigran variant of the corona virus often experience cold symptoms. This allows the germ to spread easily and quickly.

Does the vaccine return to “default”? How are the various mutations in the virus threatened? Should we be afraid of another wave of epidemics? In our series, you will find everything you need to know about corona virus infection.

The omigran variant of the corona virus has now been shown to be the most commonly infected They may experience the same symptoms if they simply catch a cold. These include runny nose, sneezing or sore throat, but people infected with the virus may experience strange headaches.

This is confirmed by the processor Zoe Covid used by the British, in which users can record what symptoms they are experiencing. Victims have reported the same symptoms, so the scientists behind the application are now drawing the UK government’s attention to the need to renew the public health call, which lists potential symptoms of corona virus infection. Defender.

The newspaper reported that half of the patients who reported symptoms such as the common cold tested positive for the corona virus, and half of the infected Zoe Kovid users reported classic symptoms such as fever, severe cough or loss of taste and smell.

Tim Spector, the study’s author, said there was an urgent need to update the symptoms of coronavirus infection. A recent study by the University of Cambridge shows that omicron can bypass the body’s defenses very effectively, which is a major public health challenge.

According to the British recommendation, those who experience fever, severe cough or loss of taste and smell should currently undergo PCR testing and urgently be isolated. This is a problem because only those with cold symptoms are not recommended for testing or isolation, so the new variant can spread very easily and quickly. Experts say the results show that 50 per cent of patients suffering from colds in the UK suffer from omega-3s.

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