The European Space Agency (ESA) also touched on the Christmas holiday: in 1972, a vacuum chamber closed to the moon would open, but as slowly as possible. They do this for a good cause.

On July 20, 1969, U.S. Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Bus” Aldrin, two members of the Apollo project team, were the first to set foot on the moon. Half a century later, the race to capture the moon has resumed, but this time the stakes are high. In our series of articles, we review the 50-year history of lunar exploration and outline possible scenarios for celestial colonization.

For about 50 years, a special “recorded” shapes made on the moon by Apollo 17 astronauts, remained intact. Over the past few months, the European Space Agency (ESA) has taken into account a number of techniques and decided on the safest way to open it – and this activity will take place this Christmas season, which is ESA. According to A special gift for researchers.

The “package” was compiled by astronaut Jean Chern, who then dropped the package into a vacuum chamber. The patterns in it are from the Taurus-Litro Valley, a post-landslide deposit. However, no one has been to the room since it was collected and disposed of in 1972.

ESA undertook 16 months of research to open the model and then set up a special opening device in collaboration with the international community. In ESA, this is only referred to as “Apollo can opener”. However, the development of the tool was a long process because even scientists had to be trained to use it.

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The reason for the meticulous work is that there are volatile gases in the room that the researchers want to explore in the same way. The project is part of the Apollo Next Generation Model Analysis (ANGSA), which will further expand our knowledge of the moon and lead to the development of new and modern instruments.

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