March 28, 2023

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Technology: Swedish journalists capture underwater footage of the damaged North Stream with a drone

Swedish journalists took photos and video of the North Stream 1 gas pipeline, which was damaged in the sabotage operation at a depth of 80 meters.

In close-up footage, you can already see the effects of the explosion at the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in September. Since then, many photos have been taken in the air Published News agencies and special authorities, but no one made underwater has been received – until now.

Swedish By Express According to footage recorded at a depth of 80 meters using a Blueeye underwater drone:

According to their article, the logs show that parts of the gas pipe are cracked or torn.

According to the Richter scale A 2.3 magnitude explosion Later, the newspaper wrote that according to the signs, at least fifty meters of gas pipelines were missing.

There is also a video about the condition of the wires:

According to some countries and politicians, the pipeline act of vandalism He was injured as a result.

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