Yale University researchers have found that wearing a comprehensive mask encourages others to wear a mask.

A BLOSE One A study published in a scientific journal is based on two studies conducted in the United States and Italy in countries where corona virus infection is severe. As more and more people in both countries wore masks, the study demonstrated that this created a self-motivating cycle, which reinforced this behavior in others as well. The increasing use of masks to protect against corona virus infection has created a social norm that encourages people to wear masks in public, say researchers.

“People are more likely to wear masks, and others are encouraged to wear masks,” said Scott E., of the Yale Institute for Social and Political Studies and the American Center for Political Studies. Pokemon explained. The study also shows that this study is in the United States

Public health campaigns urging people to wear masks to protect others would be more effective than calls explaining how masks protect those who wear them.

In the study, Yale researchers worked with staff at Columbia University and companies in Italy and Switzerland. The researchers conducted a survey in the United States from October 1 to October 22 and in Italy from October 22 to November 8, 2020. At the time, wearing a mask was not mandatory nationally in the United States, but in Italy at the same time. The U.S. and Italian studies included a sample of 3,100 and 2,659 respondents, respectively.

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“We find no evidence that the increase in the number of people wearing masks encourages us not to use masks,” said Gregory A., a Yale political science professor and co-author of the study. Hooper said. “Instead, we found that people follow social norms by wearing a mask or by interfering when meeting someone with a runny nose.”

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