Due to sanctions imposed by Western countries, Airbus and Boeing cannot supply Russia with new planes or spare parts in the future, which is why they are looking for alternative solutions.

Russia’s aviation industry plans to produce 1,000 planes by the end of the decade to end its dependence on foreign companies such as Airbus and Boeing. Reuters. Professionals estimate that relations between Russia and the West will not be restored in the near future.

It is well known that many Western countries have imposed economic sanctions against Russia due to the Russo-Ukraine war. Some of these also severely affect the country’s aviation industry. Many people think that Russia plays a major role in the space industry, but the market there is actually dominated by Airbus and Boeing:

Both companies have a market share of 95 percent in the country.

The situation is unlikely to change significantly in the near future, and since more aircraft will be needed, Russia has developed a long-term plan: Rostec, financed by the Russian state, will try to meet all industrial needs. It also means that new aircraft will be built from locally produced parts. Rostec is starting this by substituting imported components such as Pratt & Whitney engines.

Rostec plans to produce 20 new superjets a year starting in 2024—new regional aircraft. And by 2030, 142 Superjet New, 270 MS-21, 70 turboprop IL-114, 70 Tu-214 narrow-body and 12 wide-body aircraft could leave the factory. However, if most (and often best) solutions are unattainable, it’s a question of what kind of technology they want to use to do all this.

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