The painting robot is used by Emar Properties, a real estate development company in the United Arab Emirates. The smart system is in the process of applying paint to a building in the city of Dubai.

The robots from Singapore’s Eternal Robotics Miro are now in a second rehearsal in Dubai, drawing at an area of ​​92 square meters per hour. They used to work in a luxury villa and now work in a high-rise apartment building.

Report on the project Arabic News He writes: In an apartment that can be painted in four days by human resources, a robot ends up in four hours. Micro operates with a fixed layer thickness, focusing on corners, handling interior heights up to 3.1 meters, excluding windows and similarly unpainted areas.

No more difficulty with the quality of work: Emar, after seeing the work done on the villa, decides to hire micro robots instead of human painters in one of the best luxury residential parks he owns.

Emaar and Eternal Robotics are already exploring opportunities for long-term collaboration.

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