The carbevox vaccine is based on the same technology as the hepatitis B vaccine. One portion can be made for about $ 1.5.

Does the vaccine return to “default”? How are the various mutations in the virus threatened? Should we be afraid of another wave of epidemics? In our series, you will find everything you need to know about corona virus infection.

While the world is watching the spread of the Omigron version of the corona virus, there has been a very significant improvement in the epidemic recently. The NPR According to a recent report by US Public Service Radio, the use of the corona virus vaccine in India was approved in late 2021, helping to address one of the biggest challenges to global health: how to deliver it safely, effectively and affordably to low-income countries. Corona antiviral drug.

The drug called Corbevax is based on old, proven technology, which is one of the reasons why it is so much easier to prepare than the current Govt vaccines. As a result, even low-income countries can produce it.

The technology behind the vaccine was developed over two decades ago by two researchers at the University of George Washington in the United States, Peter Hodges and Maria Elena Potassi. Specialists in vaccination are working to treat and prevent tropical diseases that some have dealt with. However, when the SARS epidemic broke out in the early 2000s, a protein subunit vaccine was developed.

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In practice, the vaccine uses protein from a specific virus, which builds immunity in the body, but does not cause disease. For example, the hepatitis B vaccine is based on this technology.

The vaccine against SARS was not eventually needed, but when the corona virus outbreak broke out, the solution was recovered and work began on using it against Govt-19. It’s Hotez NPRHe said efforts were being made to bring the solution to the attention of decision makers, but this was not possible due to the focus on innovation. Nevertheless, according to the expert, there is an easy alternative that can be vaccinated cheaply and quickly around the world.

So professionals have returned to low-income countries and improved technology from donations. The developed vaccine costs about $ 1.5 or about 450 forints.

The vaccine has been tested on 3,000 volunteers in India and has been found to provide 90 percent protection against the original corona virus and 80 percent protection against the delta variant. How effective it is against Omigran is currently being explored.

Corbevax already has an emergency license in India and has started production of Biological E. The company claims to be able to produce 100 million services a month, and the Government of India has already provided 300 million services.

Researchers will make the vaccine patent available so low-income countries can start making it.

The NPR However, Corbevax also has a drawback. For example, the vaccine may not be as easily modified as the MRNA-based vaccine, so it may be slow to start producing the most effective vaccine for different variants. However, experts see this as a relatively acceptable compromise in light of the fact that the vaccine is cheaper and can provide more protection to people than not being vaccinated.

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