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Omicron avoids vaccines used in most parts of the world

Vaccines containing the inactivated virus alone cannot prevent the growth of omigrans in the body.

A mysterious radio signal came from the middle of the Milky Way

Researchers at the University of Sydney discovered a strange radio signal in late 2020, the source of which could not even be identified by a computer.

The American Student Program, which works on the atomic bomb, confiscates the FBI and CIA research paper

In 1976, 21-year-old John Aristotle Phillips wanted to prove that terrorists could easily build a nuclear bomb.

HBO GO has been discontinued on many TVs, and customers are angry

There have been significant changes in the use of HBO GO online, but some shareholders say they have not been notified. Today, many people are unable to start the service from their TV.

What can a government do if the Internet is disabled?

According to the United Nations, governments in more than 60 countries around the world have ordered 768 blockades of the World Wide Web in the past five years. Report by Deutsche Welle.

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