An international group of hackers and activists has released documents obtained from the financial institution.

As part of the #OpRussia operation in support of Ukraine, it hacked the computer security system of the Russian central bank and obtained 28 gigabytes of documents, anonymous confirming that it was published on the Internet in several interfaces. The panel further said that if the questionable links are blocked they will share the information in another interface.

The hacking group claims that tens of thousands of documents contain contracts, correspondence, remittances, trade secrets of their oligarchs, secret economic statements, trade agreements and reports with other countries, and information about registered government supporters, video conferencing and other programs used.

Anonymous video warns that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s secrets will be revealed. The hacking group listed the Moscow leader as “a liar, a dictator, a war criminal and a murderer.”

“Vladimir Putin, no secret is safe, we are everywhere: in your palace, where you eat, at your table, in your bedroom,” said the masked hacker.

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Spotify suspends operations in Russia


Spotify cannot guarantee the safety of its employees and users in Russia, so it has decided to discontinue its service in the country from April.

The Russians may have broken the satellite communications of the Ukrainians


Western experts are still gathering evidence, but in the early days of the invasion, officials were already talking about the possibility that Russian military intelligence, the GRU, might have broken into the US VISAT system that provided satellite communications.