Fixed wireless internet access is becoming more widespread, especially with its 5G version. In many cases, this is an alternative to existing solutions, but it complements them to provide unrestricted internet access. Deloitte Global predicts that the technology will affect consumers, service providers and industry alike.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) uses radio waves to provide Internet service between two fixed locations, such as the cell tower and the client’s home or office. Many service providers have been using FWA to provide Internet service to customers for decades, usually in areas where a wired Internet connection is not available.

Deloitte Global predicts that the FWA will finally be able to compete with wired Internet services in terms of economy and data transfer performance. 5G FWA. While all FWA connections show a combined annual growth rate of 19 percent over the period 2020-2026, 5G FWA connections will grow even faster at a rate of approximately 88 percent over the same period.

So FWA’s expected growth will be greatly accelerated by 5G, Deloitte emphasizes in its analysis. With greater spectrum availability, 5G’s deeper network infrastructure and higher spectral performance will significantly improve the economic and technical potential of FWA installations, thus supporting new deployment and revenue opportunities. These features go a long way in enabling mobile operators to implement FWA in less limited areas, making it more attractive to offer alternative or alternative wired internet connections such as xDSL or cable in competing markets.

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“Improving the FWA’s most significant impact may help reduce digital segmentation in smaller markets by improving Internet access,” said Csilla Gercsák, chief technology officer at Deloitte. According to the expert

In many cases, investing in broadband with solvent subscribers in sparsely populated or inaccessible areas can be challenging.

New technology can reduce the huge investment costs and time involved in wireless, licensing, earthworks, “last mile” and equipment installation. In addition, service providers and network operators can often create FWA using their existing mobile networks and fiber networks, which further reduces costs. These factors have opened up markets for broadband services in previously unavailable locations such as the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

Recognizing the importance of the high-speed Internet for economic development, many governments around the world are implementing significant programs to finance or support the use of broadband networks in limited areas. While these programs generally prefer wired solutions, they are increasingly technology-based as long as the service meets the minimum performance limits.

In the United States, for example, the FCC Rural Digital Opportunity Fund has provided $ 9 billion to a wide range of fixed, fixed wireless and satellite providers. The UK’s 1.2bn Gigabit Plan aims to achieve at least 85% Gigabit Broadband coverage by 2025, and has begun exploring wireless options. In addition, the EU is studying the FWA as a means to achieve national broadband goals. This can also be seen in Hungary: Within the framework of the high-speed Internet program for the development of the Hungarian broadband network, a service called “SZIP Mobile” was introduced in areas that were difficult to access on the 4G mobile network. With wire technology.

In order to communicate with families without broadband access, network operators increasingly view FWA as a competitor to existing standard Internet services, especially DSL.

Where is it worth using?

Service providers have several sorting options depending on the demographic characteristics of their service area, spectrum availability and their technical portfolio. In dense urban areas, for example, 5G FWA may be used to fill existing landline or mobile phone networks for a temporary large-scale network such as live events or construction, but may also improve redundancy and congestion capability providing unrestricted Internet access. . FWA can be very widely offered as a competitive alternative to the existing home Internet, for example in areas where there are no other options or wired network deployment is neither economical nor slow.

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The growth of the FWA has affected many industry players. Most obviously, service providers have the option of using FWA as an additional source of revenue. Although mobile is currently more spectrum profitable than FWA, most wireless networks, except in densely populated urban areas, remain unused: filling this capability with FWA will increase profitability.

“Landline operators will face increasing competition from mobile operators, which will attract or denounce new customers by connecting 5G to FWA mobile subscriptions. , ”Says Gabor Hosso, director of Deloitte Technology, Media and Telecommunications Consulting.

FWA’s business credibility is growing rapidly: it’s becoming more attractive to replace fixed line connections, and its favorable price and quality profile can make it a smarter and more cost – effective solution to secure broadband access in lesser regions and competitive markets. For this reason, the FWA can play a key role in making the Internet more widely available, while at the same time providing new revenue, growth and innovation opportunities for players in the telecommunications industry – a benefit that Deloitte Global can share, according to a recent study.

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