According to a report by the Italian company OBC-Transeuropa Greenpeace, more than half of the popular short-haul flights in Europe can be replaced by train.

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The document analyzed 150 of the most important short-haul aircraft within the EU and 250 of the most important short-haul aircraft within Europe. (Island connections were excluded from the analysis because they were not replaced by rail.) 53% of the 30 most popular short-haul flights within the EU were found to have direct rail connections between the two destinations.

For the 10 percent of the most used aircraft, the train can cover the distance in four hours, and 19 percent in six hours. In Austria, this applies to 80 percent of short flights, including some high-speed day and night train services.

“With direct night trains, almost half of the short flights in Europe can be conveniently converted by train,” said Greenwich spokeswoman Herwick Schuster. That is why the organization is demanding that Austria ban easily convertible aircraft such as those connecting Vienna with Budapest, Prague and Munich.

“Replacing all 250 of Europe’s most popular aircraft by rail would save 23.5 million tons of CO2 per year, which is similar to Croatia’s annual emissions,” Schuster said.

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According to Greenpeace, the goal is to upgrade the railways and make them cheaper than flying. In addition, rail transport, especially in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, must be done very quickly and frequently.

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