More than 1.5 billion tons of freshwater flowed into the ocean when the massive A68 glacier melted so intensely.

The glacier is the largest in the world for a short time: when it broke the Arctic in 2017 it was nearly six thousand square miles. However, by the beginning of 2021, one trillion (thousand billion) tons of ice had been destroyed. Researchers are currently evaluating the impact on the giant environment, he writes BBC.

A research team at the University of Leeds looked at all the satellite data on how the giant white continent moved across the South Ocean to the South Atlantic. The researchers used the data to estimate how the melting rate of the glacier has changed over the past three and a half years. The end of his life was an important period when he was approaching the island of South Georgia.

At this point, it seemed to be stuck in the shelf and its pieces began to break. By April 2021, it had broken into countless small icebergs that could no longer be traced, scientists said. However, its environmental impacts have escaped the glacier Remote sensing of the environment According to a study published in the latest issue of the journal Science.

Much of the melted water converts to local currents, and the minerals and organic matter in it enter the ocean and affect wildlife.

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The British Atlantic Research Group (PAS) was able to place robotic equipment near the A68 before it was completely destroyed. The data are still being analyzed, and biologist-oceanographer Geraint Darling said there are already strong signs of changes in the flora and plankton world.

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