Vuity is the first eye drop approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat age-related blurred vision, also known as presbyopia.

An expensive but very effective creation it looks like a new kind of eye drops Aging (Presbyopia in Latin) Produced by Allergan. Presbyopia, which occurs between the ages of 40-45, means a natural “loss of quality” of the eye lens, which eventually leads to a continuous decrease in near-focus ability.

In practice, all of these make it difficult to read small print, but like other drugs, here is a treatment: reading glasses. Vuity, already approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is at least a priority until it arrives. It was developed precisely against the gradual weakening of the near vision.

The CBS News According to the composition, it is a drug that uses the natural ability of the eye to reduce the size of the eyes. “Reducing the size of the pupil increases the depth or depth of focus of the field, and this allows it to focus naturally within different ranges,” George Warring, a senior physician in research on Whitey, told Portal.

This drug is not currently covered by US health insurance, and experts say it is unlikely to ever happen. This is because it is not classified as a medically necessary drug. In addition, glasses purchased specifically for reading are an even cheaper alternative. Not even a little: you have to pay around 30,000 for a package from Vuity. A pack is enough “treatment” for 30 days.

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However, Waring – and this is pointed out in Vuity’s description – does not deny that eye drops are not a panacea. In addition, the manufacturer does not recommend using it if the patient is driving at night or doing something in low light. These drops are recommended for mild to moderate cases and mainly for 40-45 year olds. Of course, the preparations can cause side effects, but these are, according to doctors, negligible events. For example, the patient may develop temporary red eyes or headaches.

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