Due to Western sanctions on the Russian market, the prices of almost everything have gone up. This is also the case with expensive VGAs, which are highly valued today.

Russia, which is attacking Ukraine, now allows graphics hardware from many companies, including major manufacturers such as AMD and Nvidia. As a result, both companies’ products, especially their video cards, are out of stock and prices have skyrocketed.

Because of this, some workers may have planned to make short profits by downsizing their own employer – by smuggling poisonous video cards from the warehouse at the Russian Wildberry Company.

The Domin hardware According to the offenders, they mainly wanted to drive RTX 3070 GPUs. They were locked in a car and pushed out of the building. However, there were those who chose a more simple solution: he ran into the hands of the products, but the camera took him too:

The robbers took his swag to a local pawn shop and tried to cross quickly. However, the trio offered their portage at a much lower price than the market price, which led to suspicion on the part of the pawn shop worker and the police were informed. Recent reports suggest that the RTX 3070 GPU could be purchased in Russia for as little as $ 1,900 during peacetime. The thieves asked for $ 572.

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According to the newspaper, the total market value of the 20 VGA legs is $ 38,000, or approximately $ 12 million.

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