Alpha Centauri is a three star system, but researchers say we still have a lot to say about it. That is why another mission is in motion in the hope of capturing at least one planet that meets the basic conditions for life.

Within two years, another major space exploration project will begin mapping the star system closest to us. The Defender According to researchers, they want to find new planets in the system that are habitable. That is: where, in principle, conditions are given for living conditions.

The task is to explore Alpha Centauri, the special feature of which is that Alpha Centauri contains all three stars A, B and C. One of them is a red dwarf called Proxima Centauri.

The main instrument of the mission is the Dollyman space telescope, which is still under construction and could be launched in 2023. The instrument is primarily operated by experts for Alpha Centauri A and B.

The article, cited by Peter Duttley, a colleague and project leader at the University of Sydney, says it’s worth exploring traces of life on planets where water is liquid on the surface.

Team members have previously discovered an interesting object in Alfa Centauri A, but it has not yet been proven that it is actually a planet. Dutil is a believer and believes that if a celestial body is identified, there must be a moon around it.

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