Experts from the British-American research project have warned of a dramatic change in one of the largest glaciers in Antarctica due to climate change.

Ted Skambose, the American Glacier of the Dwights Glacier International Cooperation (ITGC) project, warns that the floating part of the glacier front will break like the windshield of a car in ten years.

The results of studies already given and not yet given say that this phenomenon is caused by the warm water that falls under the glacier.

Dwights Glacier is constantly monitored by researchers: it measures the melting rate of the ice field. According to scientists, the amount of melted ice has doubled in the last 30 years. It already emits 50 billion tons of ice a year.

The Dwights Glacier, also known as the Doomsday Glacier, is located on Mary Byrdland in western Antarctica. The area of ​​ice is the size of Great Britain. If it melts for a whole day, the sea level will rise to 65 centimeters BBC According to. This scene may take place centuries later.

[Találtak egy hatalmas üreget az Antarktiszon, 10 km hosszú és 4 km széles]

Experts will present their research findings in detail at a week-long fall meeting of the American Geophysical Society.

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