The number of applications integrated into Huawei’s own back-end system has grown exponentially by 81 percent a year. Launched in exchange for the Google Play Store, AppGallery has more than 560 million active users, according to the company in Lisbon.

Huawei currently enables 5.1 million registered developers to connect with more than 730 million device owners worldwide. The number of integrated applications in Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) has increased to 173,000 (+ 81%) in one year.

The third largest App Store camp has expanded, next to Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. There are more than 560 million active users worldwide, including 42 million in Europe. AppGallery recorded 332.2 billion downloads in the first three quarters of this year, an increase of 13 percent year-on-year. The company hopes that this will further increase the number of active users in the App Store The Nova 9 was launched in the European market a few weeks ago.

Huawei’s announcement also includes statistics for some of its own HMS-based applications. Petal Maps already has 7 million active users per month in Europe, and Petal Search has 32 million active monthly users and 3,000 partners worldwide.

To help them grow, Petal Search has been updated: The next-generation, artificial intelligence-powered search engine operates in 20 different areas, including news, videos, shopping, airlines, local businesses and more.

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The Petal Maps service is now available in more than 166 countries and regions and is currently used by over 20 million people worldwide each month. The latest update package includes high-precision alignment, landscape view mode and lane-level navigation.

Another innovation is that Huawei Ads, the real-time advertising marketplace for Huawei devices, is now available to media agencies and application publishers around the world. This site allows advertisers to place their ads in the Huawei ecosystem, including devices and AppGallery, as well as appearing in Petal Search, other Huawei applications, and thousands of third-party applications. Since its launch in January last year, Huawei ads have reached 600 million daily sales in Europe.

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