The event can only be seen in its entirety in Antarctica – almost two minutes there. Elsewhere there will be only partial eclipses.

On Saturday, December 4, there will be only one total solar eclipse of the year, which is only visible in the southern parts of the world, he wrote.

An eclipse occurs when the moon is right between the earth and the sun. The moon is 400 times smaller in diameter than the sun, but it is 400 times closer; This means that the apparent diameters of the Sun and Moon are almost identical, so that when the celestial bodies are in perfect position,

Then the moon can completely cover the sun.

The current solar eclipse is best seen in Antarctica, but only for two minutes. In other regions such as Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa, area surveillance is possible, which can take up to an hour.

A similar event will occur in the next 18 months, on April 20, 2023. A NASA According to The eclipse that begins then will affect the most populous area, which means many more will be able to notice it. As for the latter, it is worth emphasizing

The eclipse can only be observed through glasses in all cases.

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