The Archaeological Survey of Israel (IAA) says a 2,000-year-old silver shark has been found at an archeological site in Israel.

The antique silver coin was discovered by an 11-year-old girl in the David National Park near the old city of Jerusalem, where she volunteered with her family for excavations, he writes. Times of Israel.

During a revolt against the Romans to help the rebels, a priest in a second synagogue may have beaten a 14-gram shekel shortly before the church was demolished. If the archaeologists’ assumption is correct, the silver chair is one of the very few objects made directly in the sanctuary.

The coin contains a file with an old Hebrew inscription meaning “Israel Shekel”. Archaeologists say the coins may have been printed from a silver deposit in the temple.

This is a very rare discovery because only about thirty of the thousands of coins found so far in archeological excavations were made of silver during the Great Jewish Uprising, said Robert Cool, head of the IAA’s Department of Numismatics.

The church had large silver reserves, as we know from the ancient inscription discovered by the ancient researcher Kesa Alfoldi, the Israeli archaeologist added. A Hungarian scientist who died in Athens in 2011 discovered an inscription in the Roman Colosseum that built an amphitheater from treasures looted from a synagogue.

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