Thanks to the US Space Force’s Victus Nox solution program, launching a satellite takes a day, not months.

The U.S. Space Force is embarking on a valiant effort to ensure that the U.S. military is not blind to a conflict. The Gizmodo According to his statement, the essence of the Victus Nox program is that if an enemy force launches any satellite, it can replace it with another within 24 hours.

Currently, it can take several months to launch a satellite. According to the U.S. Space Force, this would not be timed in the event of an armed conflict, because without these instruments, the U.S. military could essentially fly blind: it would not know what movements the enemy was making.

To keep the problem as brief as possible, a program was developed at the US Space Force. Victus Nox means conquering the night in Latin. Two companies, Firefly Aerospace and Millennium Space Systems, joined the project to replace the damaged satellite.

Millennium Space Systems’ mission to launch a satellite on a Firefly rocket. The U.S. Space Force will also attempt the move, but it’s not yet known exactly when.

During the test, the agency will have 60 hours after the warning to move the satellite to a base 273 km away, from where it should be placed into orbit within 24 hours.

They form an orbital twin sister around the Earth

It’s an expensive pastime, and disaster managers in charge of satellites in other ways would be a bad idea to actually practice. However, it wouldn’t hurt if they gained as much experience as possible in rare types of satellite accidents.

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