Two and a half years ago I thought I was going to die – now I feel like I’ve been reborn,” said the Manchester woman.

A Manchester woman who was diagnosed with the disease in 2017 battled an aggressive form of breast cancer for almost two years. As the cancer later spread, the woman participated in a drug trial initiated within the hospital: a previously unused drug was combined with immunotherapy agents, and she was also treated. By his own admission, he felt like he was reborn, he wrote Euronews.

“Two and a half years ago I thought I was going to die – now I feel like I’ve been reborn”

– said Manchester woman Jasmine David.

In November 2017, the woman was diagnosed with a lump below her nipple. He then underwent six months of chemotherapy. In April 2018, she underwent a mastectomy, followed by 15 radiation treatments. At the end of the treatment, the cancerous changes in his body seemed to disappear, but in October 2019, the cancer returned, and based on the CT scan, it had already affected his lungs, lymphatic system and chest, or more precisely. , his bones.

The mother of two volunteered to take part in a two-year trial in which an experimental drug was combined with atezolizumab. “After the first doses, I experienced so many terrible side effects, from headaches to rising temperatures, that I was hospitalized at Christmas in a very bad condition. Then, thank God, I started to respond to treatment,” he said.

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In her memoir, she also shared that when she was given the treatment, she didn’t know if it would work.

“But I thought, this way I can at least do something, not for myself, but at least for others, my body will be useful for the next generation.”

The drug trial will continue in December 2023.

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