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Taylor vs serrano results, live broadcast fight coverage

Taylor vs serrano results, live broadcast fight coverage

The biggest fight in all of women’s boxing descends inside Madison Square Garden in New York, NY tonight (Saturday, April 30, 2022) when Katie Taylor, the undisputed lightweight champion queen, battles a seven-division roster, Amanda Serrano, streaming. go on with your life DAZN Pay Per View (PPV). He will provide live coverage of Taylor vs. Serrano key below. The main card broadcast begins dazn at 7:30 p.m. ET, while Taylor and Cyrano are expected to walk the ring around 10:15 p.m. ET (splash here).

The match was originally scheduled for 2020, but eventually collapsed due to the COVID pandemic. Talks resumed last year after Cyrano left longtime promoter, Lou DiBella, In favor of signing with Jack PaulAnd now we find ourselves just hours away from being crowned the best female boxer on the planet.

The card will also see unified middleweight champs Franchon Cruz-Deszorn and Elaine Cedros face off for undisputed status, Liam Smith facing Jesse Vargas in a long-running grudge match, Olympic gold medalist Jalal Yafay meeting Miguel Cartagena and Austin “Amo” Williams facing off against Chordale Booker is in a struggle between undefeated prospects.

Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano – Taylor defeated. Cyrano by split decision (94-96, 97-93, 96-93
Liam Smith vs. Jesse Vargas – Dave Smith. Vargas by TKO at 0:41 of the 10th round
Franchon Cruz-Dzorn vs. Ellen Cedrus – Defeating Crews-Dzorn. Cedrus by unanimous decision (99-91 x 2, 97-93)
Jalal Yafei vs Miguel Cartagena – Yafe’ defeat. Cartagena by RTD at 3:00 of the second round
Austin Williams vs. Chordale Booker – Williams defeated. Booker by TKO at 2:25 of the first round

Undisputed Lightweight Championship: Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano

Round one: Serrano leads, eats a mix into the corner. Heavy exchange. through the middle of the road. They are trading rights. Taylor straight right. Big lift behind Serrano. The counter combo lands for Taylor, who steers clear of the returning body shot. Another exchange of rights. 10-9 Taylor.

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Round Two: Straight from Taylor. Cyrano intervenes and they join each other in the deciding. Cyrano’s body shot. Taylor breaks it down with some straight rights. through the middle of the road. Counter 3-2 by Taylor, 1-2 by Serrano. Taylor check the hook, more pressure from Serrano. Taylor got the best of things on the back foot. Connects the right rectum. Taylor Hook, Cyrano-Body shot left and 1-1-2. 10-9, 20-18 Taylor.

Round Three: Cyrano is still trying to bully her way in. Taylor did a good job picking her up. Good exchange in the corner, settled halfway. Driving right by Taylor. else. A solid left from Cyrano, lunged from Taylor in return, yanked. Taylor 1-2, low-high 2-3. Serrano digs for the body and eats a left hook. Another exchange of rights. Alawia left by Cyrano, then exchanged after the bell as the referee failed to hear it. 10-9, 30-27 Taylor.

Fourth round: Gap relegates to Serrano. Facing Taylor’s two pieces, Serrano opens into a corner until it is snatched away. Heavy exchanges at home. Trade at discount. Taylor body. through the middle of the road. Tough rights from Taylor, Cyrano left. Big Punches by Taylor. She still chose Cyrano despite criticism from commentators. 10-9, 40-36 Taylor.

Fifth round: Good exchange on the ropes. Cyrano rips the body apart, and Taylor returns with huge combos in the head. Cyrano is doing her best to fight here. They beat her. in the middle of the round. Taylor sure got hurt and serrano poured him. Taylor connects. Body hit, extreme, right hook every touchdown for Serrano. Taylor is looking forward to throwing in with it. 10-9 Cyrano, 49-46 Taylor.

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Round Six: Cyrano walks inside, snatching an attempt to open up into the corner. heat circulation. Taylor landed some hard punches but her legs don’t look great. It’s hard to land her right hands as I say that. settled. through the middle of the road. Taylor hits the body and lands upstairs right. Serrano straight left, backing slightly right. Savage counters from Taylor. settled. Cyrano is looking forward to landing inside. brutal exchanges. 10-9, 59-55 Taylor.

Seventh round: Taylor’s solid right hands touch down. through the middle of the road. Cyrano goes to the body and eats two pieces. Taylor 3-2. Cyrano left straight. Body shot, 2-1. Taylor hits her with a bun upstairs. Good exchange on the ropes led directly by Taylor. Cyrano for the body. 10-9 Serrano, 68-65 Taylor.

Round 8: Early teamwork from Taylor. Cyrano still walks and walks with his right hand. More Taylor counters. They link and hit each other with short punches halfway through. Saab 1-2-3 from Taylor. They trade the ropes. Quick exchange, long ago by Taylor. Cyrano hits the body inside. 10-9, 78-74 Taylor.

Round 9: Taylor ramped up production back up and touchdown groups. Cyrano intervenes and snatches it. Taylor continues to take her. Hard counter right from Taylor. through the middle of the road. 2-1, settled. Serrano doesn’t show much size and loses big, although she still drops some powerful shots. There is some physical work in the solution. Taylor breaks it with the right hand in return. Good 2-3 as they exchanged. 10-9, 88-83 Taylor.

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Round 10: Cyrano walks while they continue to trade. clinch, exchange the second half. Large hooks left from Taylor while Serrano opens. Taylor 3-2 halfway. Taylor restrains himself when Cyrano tries to squeeze. They both call when they separate. Taylor groups long, Cyrano tries to strike back at the body. Brutal shots from Taylor. Cyrano tries to answer. Brutal shots in the middle to end the fight. 10-9, 98-92 Taylor.

End result: Taylor was defeated. Cyrano by a split decision

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