June 2, 2023

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Table – Culture – The owner of Hundred Nila Pagoni bought the Pooh Bridge

The iconic bridge of Pooh stories written by Alan Alexander Milne was sold. The object of the auction was to raise 120 131,000 (55 and a half million francs) above the expected 120,000 in the auction, MTI announced.

The original wooden bridge in the Ashtown Forest was built in 1907, and Milne often played here with his son, Christopher Robin. Thus, the bridge became a focal point for Pooh and his friends to venture into the Hundred Nila Pogoni.

Due to the large number of visitors, the original bridge collapsed in 1997, but the new bridge was built with the financial assistance of Walt Disney. The original bridge was preserved in the center of the Ashtown Forest, recently renovated, using local oak to replace the missing elements, and then the renovated bridge was auctioned off.

Specialists at Summer Place 60,000 The price of the bridge was estimated, But many times even believed that it would be paid for by the new owner. The Summer auction house According to one of his experts, James Rylands, it is “one of the finest literary objects”.

Offers for the announced bridge came from all over the world, and the eventual winner was a man named Lord de la War, who also owned the woods of his East Sussex garden, which promoted the Hundred Nila Pogoni. After breaking the auction, the man said he was happy to see the bridge and hoped that many children and adults would enjoy it.

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