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Table – Culture – Big Laundry Father Here, Mercy, Don’t Leave!

Until my adult life, I misunderstood Atila Jazeb’s one of the most intimate, early poems, the mother and a line in it. I mean it

Leave the swollen clothes to someone else.

Take me upstairs.

I always thought the clothes in question were the clothes of a swollen man, and my mother, Borbala Pase, a farm girl, washed and cleaned a house and gathered something from her size, but it was not good for the malnourished little girl. For him, for him, and for a small child, they didn’t seem to have any money. Feelings like poverty, rebellion, suffering are perfect, but not swollen dress. Also, when I realized that these clothes were not the clothes of a swollen baby or the clothes of a swollen adult, I do not even remember the moment of wisdom, but they blow because they sway in the wind and swell from the wind, the wind. And leave your clothes with your mother, not yours, go and play, deal with Attila instead of endlessly washing and paddling.

I was already born into the happy era of the automatic washing machine, not the way clothes proliferate in the closet or on the floor, because there could have been a dangerous misunderstanding.

Being a washing and washing woman is a shock to be processed in Atila Joseph by the fate of the mother.

Rogan-McGuard (The Fortune of the Rogans), the pinnacle of natural literature, with Sola, who created the memorable laundry interpretation of world literature through the novel stream, is not long on his personal destiny, but the attitude and happy foreigner in the novelist’s observation. Century Parisian laundry life, including laundry, kungsoft and staff.

As the soaps shatter, slipping lightly into the laundry, various detergents are dispensed, leaving the women clean and scrubbing, a testament to a unique basic life love of literature, describing in detail the most mundane events in the art world. . The reader yearns for this laundry, the smell of soaps and detergents, the bright purity at the end of the process.

All the laundry in Paris has leaked into Sola’s laundry.

Perhaps in vain hope III. The social classes of Napoleon II and their lives can be mesmerized by the laundry. If after that someone does not understand the genre of the natural novel, he understands Sola’s laundry scene and if there is even such aggression, it may even be a laundryman.

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While Sola actually relies on the physical and chemical activity of the wash, Peter Nadas ’novel The World Details details already embed the whole background of the family system, social and material knowledge wash, so the material does not wear out and how much it costs. Nadas is coming to the end of the laundry practice in the civil sector, the act of determining this important position of manor houses, most accurately embarrassing the most qualified housekeeper, and his knowledge of reality, many times, astonishing.

At the same time, on certain days, the laundress came to burn a pot under a laundry room below, which is called the boiler room, i.e. the water began to boil and wash. Decades later, the laundry industry was picked up near the living room on the top floor and by Art Nouveau architecture. The laundry had two bowls, one to heat the water from dawn to dusk, and the other to cook. If it’s a big laundry, they took another lady next to the washer, so they have to buy a lady, I have to buy a lady, next week we have to take three ladies because there will be a big cleaner, but when the big wash is the little maid or maid Rinse, blue, twist, starching and finally glue and help with tablecloths because they can be washed in multiple dishes but only in the same tub. By this time he was leaning into the afternoon, by the light of the lamp, in well-used alkaline water, only small colored items and socks were washed, well, we were still imposing this, the laundresses said the others were already in the room. Wet clothes, in large canes reserved exclusively for laundry, were to be carried into the room by the maids, and they were usually carried by two. The lift cannot be used by staff, nor can workers exit the mob into closed corridors.

World Writer writes about laundry:

But even the most reliable washers stole. There is no doubt that Attila Joseph’s mother also stole, so Attila must have had butter or a colored pencil, at least with blue and red. For a moment, the laundrymen could not be left alone. True, the little maid stole it to give to her side. The cook was also known to steal incessantly.

And spending laundry for employees is a very intimate thing.

… But the version was still a well-defined, classical function, and not any function, but a ritual function saturated with psychological motives. The clothes to be washed should be lined up the previous afternoon, even for a little laundry. Not only did white and color come apart, but if something discolored, it brought a tragedy, but there were more subtle pieces that had to be named separately and carefully separated. For example, there were things that needed to be fully hardened, but only in detail, and the landlord wanted his cuff to be well hardened, but the inner surface of the collar should not rub against the neck, hardening, and many, many habits, occasional desires, personal passions as a woman introduces Had to, and had to deal with justice. Something white was big blue, something was pale, something was not blue. God prevents you from turning red in white.

The previous afternoon, the entire laundry was unpacked, sorted, listed, soaked as needed or dried the next morning or delivered in batches due to compulsion. The speed and order in which the laundry girl works.

Mrs. The murderous clues that Agnes wants to destroy are carried into the darkness of the ballot. (I notice that if a woman washes blood on the paper of shame, it will also mislead the interpretation of the verse, and this poem sees young people as they become women.) The killer is the lover, the instigator is the woman. The killer goes to the tree, Mrs. Agnes sentenced to life Agnes who wanted to go home to remove the humiliation was already mad when the verdict was played on the green table.

Dirt fell on my sheets,

I need to get the blood stains out!

Alas, if this dirt stays there,

Then where should I be!

Oh! Father of mercy, do not give up

He tells his judges that he should look at his depraved mind and go home to wash it for the rest of his life.

S Mrs. Agnes in the stream

Wash and dry old cloth –

White veil pieces

Solid foam catches it.

Oh! Father of mercy, do not give up.

Sivertney, the mother-in-law of Genoese Poliskey, found herself forced to wash up in 1955’s Organic’s sensational short story, The Laundry Women’s Dream, which is associated with the unprocessed past and her whole life with trauma. Genos Poliske, his son-in-law, pays a full monthly salary, sews a pin, goes to buy a washing machine, puts him in a taxi and takes his wife and mother-in-law home to Louis the Great. And widow Seaward spends the rest of her life doing laundry one night. First he knocked on the house Hoffmans next door, then Gaza Pasha to listen to their laundry, and then, regardless of his revived age and strong structure, he climbed the ladder and took the curtains and washed them. Eventually, with steam slippery hair, he walks onto the sofa bed.

He didn’t have time to pull the blanket, he just washed it. Wash your son

His summer balloon jacket, so far no one was thinking surprisingly. Then –

He had to force his memory a little, and he washed it away

An awkward amount of clothes collected last fall when she was

With arthritis, he lay in Golda’s brother for six weeks. Then something came to his mind

The base of the stick, was very long ago; Most recently the Oscar boat

She wore it on the road, in the basement of a villa, where she bled to death and had an abortion.

He also cleaned this up beautifully. He then tossed the underwear of Juliska’s daughter, who had thrived on the plane, and then the shirt, pants, and panthers of poor Uncle Seward, who had died a heroic death under the Biao Bridge.

The washing machine is exhausted, buzzing, when the wind blows or a stream flows, without any effort.

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