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Table – Abroad – Madness Reaches A Level: Apple Brings 25 Wipe

2021.10.25. 15:53

We know that anyone who wants to buy an Apple product – be it an iPhone or a MacBook – has to dig deep into their pockets. It’s not unnecessary because Apple’s products are similar in quality. However, fighting the brand a few days ago is already a worthy case: it has introduced its new wipes – we will have – for $ 19. Webshop in Europe offers microfiber wipes for 25 euros and 8,000 fords, and they carry toxic substances such as sugar.

Last week, Apple came up with something new With a MacBook Pro, the starting price of the 14-inch machine is 879,990 forks, while the laptop with the 16-inch screen is 1,079,990. It’s not cheap, but consumers usually don’t get frustrated with the company’s products.

So far, so good, a new $ 19 (€ 25 in Europe, € 8,000 at our Apple Webshop) wipes have been launched in the water of the new MacBook Pro, which has an official description:

The soft, abrasive cloth is used to clean the screens of all Apple products safely and efficiently, and is made of nano-textured glass.

Now, only one person can laugh at human suffering – and the internet people laugh too … – Snobs carry a “special” cloth like sugar. Webshop already has a five- to seven-day delivery deadline, but in the United States, orders are not delivered before January. As far as you know, not in stock.

Elon Musk, The owner of Tesla, the world’s richest man, has already started trolling. He commented Tim Cook, To the Twitter post of the CEO of Apple advertising their new store in Istanbul:

Note that most companies offer free cloth for their laptops …

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PcGamer.com Special Portal Attention Consumers Do not accidentally buy toxic apple wipes because in a web shop you can buy two dozen microfiber wipes for $ 12, which costs just fifty cents per piece.