September 29, 2023

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Table – Abroad – Corona virus in the world – Friday news summary of the code

An Israeli data analyst He says, It is estimated that the corona virus infection may have already killed about 6.7 million people. Meanwhile, The Economist recently released an estimate that puts the figure at eighteen million unimaginable.

According to official figures, 4.8 million deaths occurred to date.

However, experts from time to time insist that global records can underestimate the number of victims and victims.

Israeli Ariel Karlinsky has been collecting and analyzing data found on the Internet for a year and a half. He said it appeared at the outset of the epidemic that the Israeli government could provide less data than actual data on deaths to prove that the epidemic did not pose a serious threat. According to Karlinsky, in Israel, but in other countries, such as Russia, it can be proven credibly.

More people died on the track than were published.

Through his work with now-known data analyst Dmitry Kobe at the University of Dubingen, he concluded that the actual number of victims could be as high as 6.7 million. Incidentally, similar estimates have been published in the past. For example, the economist, recently He wroteThat

The number of actual damages could come to eight million.

Their colleague, Sondre Ulvund Solstad, developed several models that estimated the number of victims at 9.9 million to 18.5 million.

The number of official corona virus deaths is unbelievable in many states

The economist explained.

In the table, we have already written a long article on this topic and talk to Hungarian experts, You can read it here.

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