September 29, 2023

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Symbolism – Science – Magical Chinese Giant’s Cave

In the forest of China’s Guangxi Zhuang province is one of the world’s largest sinkholes, a complete complex of cave halls with a volume of 6.7 million cubic meters. Erosion and erosion have turned its surroundings and limestone into a cave. The giant cave hall was first discovered by an expedition from Hong Kong, so it was named the Hong Kong Haiting Hall.

China has also made a record in this

According to cave expert Andrew Eavis, the country has plenty of these karst areas

It has more limestone caves than any other part of the world.

He also participated in the 1994 expedition that descended deep into the cave to map underground rivers. According to geologists, the large crater may have been formed by large volumes of water that flowed down from the mountains, carving its way through the karst soil, but some believe it was a meteorite impact. They doubt it.

China and the United Kingdom collaborated on an expedition to explore the formation for the first time, led by Zhang Yuanhai, staff member of the Institute of Karst Geology of the Chinese Institute of Geological Sciences, and Andrew Eavis, head of the expedition. British Association of Cavers.

A team of 19 men dived into the cave with the help of a single rope and began mapping the interior, but it was not easy as they had to contend with new fast-flowing rivers.


3D scanning was used to determine the structure and position of the cave, so the inclined tunnel towards the southeast end was opened as a large cave complex. The mysterious interior hides corridors, halls, pits, rocks, stone pillars and numerous water-polished stones.

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A shaft was discovered in a large cave hall connected to an underground river flowing into the nearby Banyang River.

Such giant caves are naturally formed, usually collapsed, and connected to underground rivers.

Zhang Yuan-hai said. For example, a relative of Hong Kong’s Hiding Hall, the 626-meter-long Heavenly Pit, also in China, was created above the limestone Difeng Cave, which was carved by a large underground river.

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