September 29, 2023

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Symbolism – Culture – Catalans watch teenage painter share his homeland with child wonder

An exhibition by Carolina Chavault It was open from June 23rd to July 7th, 2023 at the exhibition hall of Ms. Tulip Art Gallery in Barcelona, ​​in the heart of the Catalan capital. Index also announced the 13-year-old’s second overseas show after the spring exhibition in Dubai, on the one hand recalling the impact of last year’s exhibitions of young painters at Bodo Gallery on Balk Miksa Street, and on the other hand, addressing the critical voices of the domestic fine art scene.

Barcelona is an environment without family, business or other connections, so we believed that the exhibition would be decisive in defining Carolina’s painting in a certain sense.

Barcelona gave the verdict

Well, the verdict is in, Barcelona, ​​and if it doesn’t fall at Carolina’s feet, it’s hats off to her. The exhibition was a success, television interviews and newspaper articles were made with the girl, and the Catalan art world saw the young prodigy, with a bright future ahead of her, but already an amazing place in the visual art scene. .

Although the exhibition will be on display for a week from June 23, if there is serious interest it can be extended for a week till July 7, the original idea of ​​the gallery is already a telling fact. served The visitors kept coming, which certainly contributed to the fact that the gallery’s managers were well versed in marketing.

One of the speeches given at the opening of the exhibition Palas Darosi said the Consul General of Barcelona, ​​Wimbledon tennis champion. Photos and statements on the gallery’s Instagram profile testify that the vernissage was “largely successful” and “exceeded all expectations.”

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People took selfies with Carolina, endless autographs were signed, which means that the opening was considered a significant event in the artistic life of Barcelona.

Then came interviews and newspaper articles. Beatrice Talekhan He published an article about Carolina in the daily newspaper Diario16 The talent of the youth is amplified by new technologies with title. The subtitle of the article highlights what we already learned at home at the beginning of the exhibitions at the Bodo Gallery: “During the epidemic, during the imprisonment, the young artist learned to paint and developed his particular technique.”

This is Beatrice Talekhan Hyperrealist Carolina Chavold’s special emphasis on accurate, detailed, almost photographic reproduction of reality is called completely unsubstantiated.

In the introduction to the article, Talegón argues that the Internet poses unexpected dangers for today’s youth, but that unlimited opportunities open up to someone if they use the resources the World Wide Web offers properly. As the example of Carolina Chavault demonstrates, the girl learned to draw by self-taught from the Internet.

Filled with life, color and beauty, Carolina’s work shows how talent flows through what is at our fingertips: the internet, when the pandemic condemns people.

Journalist says.

Beatríz Talegón also conducted a video interview with Carolina, in which the 13-year-old schoolgirl answered the journalist’s questions in perfect English. (He is also said to speak Spanish, but this time he does not reveal his knowledge.)

Hard work pays off

In the video interview, Talegan asks what advice he can give to young people who want dreams like Carolina’s. Answer: “Work hard to make your dreams come true and then they will surely come true.” (As it reminds me of Katinga Hossu’s famous slogan: “Hard work always pays off”.)

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On 7th July, the A website dealing with art and social topics also published a complimentary article with the following title: Child prodigy painter Carolina Chavold wows the art world with her exhibition The Sounds of Silence.

The article begins as follows: “The contemporary art world has been surprised by the unique creative power of the paintings of the young painter Carolina Chavault. Born in Budapest in 2010, the artist dazzled critics and the art-loving public last year with her exhibitions, the first of which she was only 11 years old. Despite Carolina’s young age, her visions With incredible energy, she manages to belie her age in a mature and original way.”

We were unable to obtain information on whether the girl’s pictures were purchased and, if so, for how much. However, on the Mrs. Tulip Art Gallery website, you can read it

Carolina’s paintings were advertised for 30,000 euros, about 11-12 million huff, and even silk sarees were decorated with prints of her pictures.

(Cover photo: Carolina Chavold on April 21, 2022. Photo: Patricia Bodner / Index)