February 3, 2023

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Symbolism – Culture – A Spanish mountain village could be ours for HUF 100 million

A stone’s throw from the Portuguese border, a mountain village with a spectacular location is for sale for 260,000 euros, a little over a hundred million forints. The town of Salto de Castro in Spain was built between 1946 and 1952 by the energy company Iberduero, to house the company’s workers directly on site while building a dam on the Douro River that flows beneath the town instead of a nearby town. Valladolid is the capital of the province of Castile and León. Almost all his hotel rent and daily travel expenses to and from.

Architect B. The village, built according to the plans of Martínez Artola, meets all urban and social needs. There are 44 buildings in the village. In whitewashed houses with natural stone foundations, 39 villas were built for employees and their family members, while other buildings were equipped with social functions. Not only a parish church with a capacity of 80 people was built in the main square of the village, but also a beautiful neo-Romanesque church was built next to it. In addition to the sacred buildings, Iberturo built a three-classroom elementary school, a 14-room hotel with a restaurant and laundry, two pubs, an eight-lane indoor swimming pool, a large bus garage, and a small camp for civilians. Guard.

Another investment in Castile saw the company force its employees out of the village in 1989, as well as disband the armed civil guard guarding the Castro Dam, and the 6,600 square meter settlement was sold to a private entrepreneur. The current owner, Romuald Rodríguez, began buying up all the buildings bit by bit in 2000, hoping to turn the village into a tourist destination in the middle of the Arribes del Duero Nature Reserve, which spans both countries. However, his calculations were disrupted by the 2008 recession and subsequent pandemic, so Romuald was forced to decide to sell his property.

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The owner initially wanted to sell the picturesque village overlooking the steep valleys for €6.5 million. Idealist Page, but because of the global energy crisis, the Madrid businessman will be satisfied with 260,000 euros. Within a week, the ad was viewed by over 50,000 people on a well-known real estate portal. The Places According to the website, there is a lot of interest in the exclusive offer, because for the lowest purchase price of 260,000 euros, you can only buy a one-room-kitchen apartment in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​not 44 family houses, which include a swimming pool, a hotel and two churches free three hours from Madrid. Another great advantage of Salto de Castro, located in time travel, is that due to the Mediterranean climate, you don’t have to think about the heating season here.

However, the village still has one drawback. The Law opinion According to the county paper, in 2011, robbers and non-ferrous metal thieves smashed the doors and windows of all the houses in the uninhabited town. Not only did the robbers break heaters, electrical appliances, pipes, light bulbs and bells, they also smashed all the decorative mirrors, benches and holy statues of the church. The altar, pulpit and baptistery were only able to remain intact because they were made of granite. Due to the absence of these, the purchase price is low. The cost of replacing the stolen equipment and cables is of course several tens of thousands of euros.