June 6, 2023

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Symbolism – Abroad – Roman diplomacy considered statements about race unacceptable

According to the head of Romanian diplomacy, last week at the 31st Balvanyosi Summer Free University and Student Camp events, no statements were made by Hungarian government officials provoking Romania, while Bogdan Orescu regretted spreading ideas on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s territory. Bucharest is an unrecognizable Romania.

In an interview with the news website Digi24.ro on Monday, Aurescu recalled: how important the personal visits and public talks raised when the Romanian side had already arrived in Bucharest on July 12 regarding the series of events in Tusnádfürdő. Hungarian authorities are strategic with the spirit of partnership, adhering to the Hungarian-Romanian Basic Agreement.

Romania is not a provocation

According to the Romanian Foreign Minister, his Hungarian counterpart promised that Hungarian government officials participating in Dusvanios will approach bilateral relations in a responsible manner, as it is also in Hungary’s interest. Aurescu assessed it as follows: On the Hungarian side – Including a performance by Viktor Orban on Saturday – Romania was not provoked, Hungarian government members did not touch on important issues such as “ethnic-based” autonomy for Bucharest or the collective rights of persons belonging to national minorities (which Bucharest did not recognize).

On the other hand, Aurescu accepted the advice of the Digi24.ro reporter, Viktor Orbán made provocative statements about the European Union, European unity and criticized the economic sanctions against Russia and Western values.

That is true. It is unfortunate that such ideas spread from the territory of Romania amid the current global situation that affects all of us, especially since these ideas do not correspond to our official position, so it is clear that we cannot agree with them. . Not to mention statements about species because they are unacceptable

Romanian Foreign Minister said.

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Ukraine is a victim of aggression

Aurescu said: It is clear that Ukraine is a victim of aggression, and “we must support it in order to win against it.” According to him, the economic sanctions introduced by the United States, the European Union and other international allies against Russia, which are supported by Romania, are effective and their effect is already noticeable. As an EU member, a NATO ally and a strategic partner of the United States, Romania is a constant and active supporter of democratic values, the rule of law and international law, the Romanian Foreign Minister stressed.

(Cover photo: Bogdan Aurescu on November 30, 2021. Photo: Gints Ivuskans / AFP)