March 22, 2023

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Symbolism – Abroad – Extraordinary: Supporters of Bolsonaro occupy the building of the Brazilian legislature

According to CNN, protesters staged a large demonstration in the city of Brasilia, which turned into a violent riot on Sunday. The protesters surrounded the assembly building.

They entered the Congress buildings, the Supreme Court and the President’s House.

Activists blockaded the front and climbed onto the roof of the Brazilian legislature, causing considerable material damage to the building and breaking windows. Many videos have been taken in this regard.

The police tried to disperse the crowd by firing tear gas and the demonstrators fell on them. Deputy President of the Senate he said CNN Brazil reported that the protesters reached the chamber in front of the House of Commons and were stopped by riot police and soldiers. The protesters entered the Supreme Court building.

Siege of Capital 2.0?

The incident bears striking resemblance to events in the United States two years ago, when the Capitol was besieged by angry mobs. As the protesters staged a demonstration, according to news reports

They believe in electoral fraud that led to Jair Bolsonaro’s defeat.

Brazilian public figures already have parallels Attention is drawn – And since this demonstration has been going on for several days, the armed forces should have been well prepared for such an event. Among others, the governor of the federal state that includes the Brazilian capital Distrito Federal spoke about it. who saidThe army should have dispersed the gathering earlier.

No meetings were held in the Congress building during the demonstration, but the staff of recently elected President Lula da Silva was in the Presidential Palace building. According to CNN Brazil, they are now awaiting evacuation by air.

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The violent demonstration was condemned by many Brazilian authorities.

Bolsonaro has yet to concede defeat

Bolsonaro’s left-wing opponent, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, won last fall’s presidential election. However, the former president is clear

He did not concede his election defeat and left for Florida after his term ended.

Some of Bolsonaro’s supporters refused to recognize Lula’s victory, citing unproven accusations that October’s presidential election was rigged. Demonstrations broke out in the city of Brasilia, and there were reports of a failed assassination attempt in late December.

Lula, the Latin American country’s new president, was sworn in on January 1, and some protesters have camped out in front of the legislative building since then. Lula is currently on an official visit to the state of Sao Paulo.

They are demanding the head of Bolsonaro’s accomplice

Update: Bolsonaro’s former justice minister, Anderson Torres, may have had a hand in how this all went down.

Torres resigned from his post a few days ago.

After that, he was appointed Minister of Public Security of the Distrito Federal.

In addition, according to a Brazilian newspaper, Torres traveled to the United States on Sunday As for Bolsonaro. Meanwhile, Torres reports what happened He has already been replaced by a federal state governorBut this is yet to be confirmed.

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(Cover photo: Adriano Machado/Reuters)