May 17, 2022

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Symbolism – Abroad – Another story of the Ukraine war

“Ukraine and its allies, including London, have been threatening Russia for thousands of years, moving NATO to our borders to eradicate our culture. We have been intimidated for years. He said On April 19, Yevgeny Popov, a member of the Russian Duma, Russia’s influential television presenter on the BBC Ukraine, described NATO’s plans in Ukraine as a “direct threat to Russian citizens.”

His comment was astonishing and instructive. Bobo’s words revealed that the Kremlin’s description was very different from that found in the West. To Europeans and Westerners, the findings seem incomprehensible and come directly to the shameless disregard of carefully documented evidence. However, these ideas were shared not only by the Kremlin and its supporters, but also widely accepted by Russians and many parts of the world.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, an extraordinary UN General Assembly convened. A week later, 193 UN. Member States141 He denounced The attack also called on Russia to immediately withdraw its troops from the country under attack.

Many valuable countries, including China, India and South Africa, did not vote.

It would be an illusion for Western leaders to believe that the whole world shares NATO’s view that Russia is entirely responsible for the catastrophic war.

There are many reasons for the uncertainty: simple economic or military selfishness, accusations of Western hypocrisy and Europe’s colonial past. Each country has its own specific reasons for not wanting to publicly condemn Russia or to stay away from President Putin.

Western resistance is a common feature

In China, the world’s most populous country of 1.4 billion people, the vast majority, like Russia, receive news about Ukrainian news from the state-controlled media. Shortly before the start of the “special military operation” President Jin King-ping Received Vladimir Putin. According to the occasional Chinese report, “the two countries have no borders”. Could the Russian president have listened to the intentions of his guest? Beijing has categorically denied this, but it is hard to imagine that such an important neighbor would not have received a hint of the expected developments.

Beijing has already clashed with Washington over a military expansion in the South China Sea. He has previously clashed with Western governments over his frequent vows to treat the Uyghur people, suppress Hong Kong democracy and “bring Taiwan back into the fold” even at the cost of violence.

NATO is the common enemy of China and Russia. The worldview of the Chinese and Russian leadership is infiltrating the peoples of both countries, with the result that most of them do not share the condemnation of the West over Russia’s invasion and alleged war crimes.

India gets most of its weapons from Moscow. This recently happened in China in the Himalayas After the conflict New Delhi has not lost sight of the fact that one day it may need Russia as an ally and defender.

The recently ousted Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Critic of the West, especially the United States. Pakistan is also buying arms from Russia and needs Moscow’s support to secure trade routes to the northern interior of Central Asia. On February 24, the same day that Russia invaded Ukraine, he paid an early visit to Prime Minister Kon Putin. India and Pakistan did not vote at the UN to condemn the invasion.

Hypocrisy and double standards

In Muslim-majority countries, many accuse the West of, above all, the hypocrisy and double standards of the United States.

Washington and London have been accused of contributing to the protracted civil war in Yemen by arming the Royal Saudi Air Force, which frequently launches airstrikes in support of the Yemeni government.

For many African states, historical factors also play a role in providing judgment. During Soviet times, Moscow provided a weapon for the continent. From the Sahara to Cape Verde, he sought to counter American and Western influence. In some countries, the legacy of Western European colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries is a lasting hatred of the West. France, which commanded troops in Mali in 2013 to prevent Al Qaeda from taking over the country, is no less popular in its former colony. Most French troops LeftRussian mercenaries were transferred from the Kremlin-backed Wagner group.

Surprisingly, Syria, along with North Korea, Belarus and Eritrea supported the Russian invasion. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has relied heavily on Russia to keep his country alive after he was threatened by Islamic State forces in 2015.

Russia has been denounced by Moscow with criticism that Russia is relatively controlled by old Western allies, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The current ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Saeed, has a good relationship with Vladimir Putin. His former ambassador to Moscow also took part in joint hunting trips with the Russian president.

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Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s crown prince has deteriorated in his relationship with US President Joe Biden of Saudi Arabia, who is said to be reluctant to answer each other’s phone calls. World leaders meet in Buenos Aires for the G20 summit in late 2018, just weeks after Western rule in Saudi Arabia. Jamal Hashokji Most Western leaders accused of ordering the brutal assassination of a journalist have ousted the Saudi prince and looked him in the head. On the other hand, Putin scolded him. The Saudi leader will never forget this.

It cannot be said that all the countries listed except Belarus actively supported the invasion. On March 2, only five states in the UN voted in favor, one of which was Russia.

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(Cover: Russian tank destroyed in Trostianek on March 30, 2022. Photo: hris McGrath / Getty Images)